How can we make better Education System in India?

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been reviewing our Education system, the way it work and performing is not up to the mark. Parents are not getting updated about their children how they are performing,whether they are going to institute or not, how they are performing in each subject or how can we improve their particular topic etc. Our system is also busy in other things like maintaining of records,teaching,taking exams and preparing report card that's it. If we provide proper support and acknowledgement to every individual student from one platform then in India also, we can bring best students with clear thoughts.STEPZO is making a better, faster, more reliable option to get all these, making one-way school communication on mobile devices.

Teacher and Parents are the very important part of every student

Learning begin from Parents they teach us and want us to be the best and unique but when they send their children to institute to learn new things and become more knowledgeable, they don't get feedback all time and alerts what their children are doing, so they are not able to concentrate on the weaker parts of them. Due to lack of communication and not getting proper feedback is putting hindrance in our Education system and decreasing the knowledge of individual student. We are giving a platform so that each child gets best knowledge and expertise in all subject from both Teacher and Parents via STEPZO.